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Hao-Shi - Creating a space with a good story. (Hao-Shi in Chinese means "good room", it also sounds like "good things".)

“Spaces designed by Hao-shi are interesting because they are all built up with details and stories.” Mr. Chen, the director of Hao-shi, defined the brand concept by these words.

To differentiate form the other commercial brands, the identity for the interior design needs to have the flexibility to express all possibilities. The works of Hao-shi usually start with a constant communication with the clients, and get to know their family members up close and personal. Then they would find the right elements to integrate into the space. By doing so, it leads each space created by Hao-shi has its own unique story.

The "building blocks" element is associated with the context of "stacking", "combination" and "flexibility", and it became the fundamental element of its brand development. Each block acts as the element that made the space. The shapeable and imaginative characteristics of the block are also related to interior design. It is just like the texture mapping on the sphere in 3D modeling, a unique look and feel can be created by using various textures and combinations.

Space will be shifted by time and changed by habit. With different ages, you will perceive the space differently by viewing from different angles. “Building blocks” can be a toy for all ages, and it also can be appropriate to associate this concept to discuss about the “Time” in a space.

Branding is like a child. It will grow with its operator. We are hoping to build the story belongs to each space by piling and overlapping the “building blocks”. Eventually, we will create our own story for the “Hao Shi” brand.